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What, why and how — part 1

What is Linux

Linux is a family of Unix-like OSs based on the Linux Kernel. Linux Kernel is a monolithic kernel with a modular design. Here is a a simplified architecture of the Linux Operating System.

When you boot up your own Linux Distro system (more…

A better way of understanding compiler design

If you couldn’t already tell, I love Bjarne, and by extension, I love C++. In this article, I go over how C++ compiles a program to binaries, and why I love C++. This is partially to understand how C++ works. …

Stronger than you think.

I don’t like consumerism. One of my favorite Scholars, Bertrand Russell, once said

“It is preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely and nobly.”

But you can bet I have a soft spot in my heart for Nintendo products. Pokemon…

Code an ERC20 token and launch it to a test net. 🚀

This article presumes you are aware of what a Cryptocurrency is, what Ethereum, EVM is, and we will go over the ERC20 protocol, writing it in Solidity, launching it to the Goerli Testnet (You can choose a testnet…

How Statistics became a weapon of propaganda in a pandemic

Let me preface this piece by saying that Statistics as a method is not fundamentally flawed, but ask any Machine Learning engineer in your local cafe, and they’ll be quick to tell you that the process of data collection and…

🐱‍🐉 Making a simple API in the new JavaScript Framework.

A few days ago, I wrote an article on an introduction to Deno, the new JavaScript/TypeScript runtime. Here is the link to it.

Today we are going to develop a simple API in, without a Database right now. That…

And Blockchains seem to be the solution.

The food Supply chain is complicated and vulnerable to disasters, especially non-FMCG, perishable goods. A very simple Food Chain schematic would focus on Producer, Distributor, and Consumer — but like everything 21st Century, Food Supply Chains are incredibly complex, and our current food…

Everything you need to know 🐳

Docker is a platform that can make deploying applications easier. It’s an Open Source container that basically allows you to package the components of your application easily. Docker applications can then be run on any other machine and have the same functions.

Where can I use Docker?

Docker streamlines…

A quick introduction.

In 2018, Ryan Dahl gave a talk titled “10 things I regret about Node.JS” — and at the end he introduced a new runtime called Deno. Before we get into Deno, let’s talk about why Ryan might have wanted a new runtime in the first place.

What Node lacked


“I met Kanye West, I’m never going to fail”.

I’ve never had a harsh childhood. My parents were very good parents, God Bless, and have always wanted the best for me. There’s been a fair share of living the typical Asian kid lifestyle: Curfews to return home, focus on academics…

Abhinav Srivastava

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