Last year was amazing, it could be better, but it was pretty neat. There could’ve been a post about how amazing Harvard and Yale hacks are but my Visa got denied. That hurt. My paper on BCI would’ve been completed if I didn’t slack so much. And there would be more posts on Java if I didn’t hate it so much. But as Bollywood would say, “raat gayi, baat gayi” (Roughly, let’s move on).

So what am I planning for 2020?
1. #30daysofML challenge, I didn’t complete this one as I yet felt uncomfortable in Python last year, but now I think I am ready to tackle it again. 30 days, 30 challenges.

2. Write one post on Java a week. This one’s pretty doable as I like Java a little more now and next year is like 500 java credits *gasps*.

3. A UX case study on Chennai or Mumbai. I need a partner for this, hit me up if you’re in.

4. Contributing more to Open Source: I am extremely impressed with labs and organizations that I talked to in the past week- Public Labs, SCoRe labs, MariaDB, LuaRocks- to speak of some.

5. Write more often: On tech, on design and more importantly, on philosophy, music, semantics, history, and literature. It feels like in pursuit of my unending love for tech, I have let go of the love I used to have of the softer sciences back in school.

6. Attend more hacks, conferences, and talks: I live fairly close to both Chennai and Bangalore and it’s time I used that to my advantage.

7. Publish my Python modules: I have 3 Python modules in the pipeline that I didn’t publish yet.

8. Finally publish a production-level code in Django, Node, Ruby, and Laravel. Also maybe get to know ReactJS more.


That’s all for now.

What about you, what are your plans? Let me know!

Building: Ignite Tournaments / Former: DeFi Alliance, Persistence, Eth India Co

Building: Ignite Tournaments / Former: DeFi Alliance, Persistence, Eth India Co