What Nike gets right.

Emotional Branding

I want to show you this advertisement.

For supporting a political campaign, Nike took a hit to it’s financial worth. But it added to the fanbase.

Every Company associates itself with a brand

Nike’s brand is really cherrypicked, even during the controversy, Nike stayed clean and made sure it is against the inequality, not against the people.

Nike has unparalleled apparel design and technology

I’ll be honest, Zeta+Ultraboost is all I need for my running and training needs. — in fact my favorite running shoes are Kalenji Run One, which are worth about a thousand rupees, but I’d be dishonest if I say I don’t get swayed by Nike, the company has the quality to back up the marketing — after all Jordans, HYPEBEAST,Air and Hypervenom are some of the most hyped shoes, and worth that hype! They are aesthetically pleasing and extremely comfortable. My Roommate protected his hypervenoms like they were made of gold, shows how much he cares about them. You need quality to be a strong brand. You need innovation and dedication to the game.

Nike has a clean and flexible design scheme

Nike doesn’t complicate things. It is memorable with taglines, advert aesthetics, apparel design, and logo. Storefronts, advert outros, apparel logos-everything is branded with a simple woosh. “Just do it.” is parodied and repeated in all seriousness alike. I don’t remember Reebok’s logo without straining my memory, or cannot draw Adidas’ logo without guide (Not the three line one, they have ,multiple logos for some reason). I don’t even remember what their tagline is, but everyone knows what Nike’s tagline is.



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Abhinav Srivastava

Abhinav Srivastava

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