Design 101.

Adobe Photoshop & Image Processing

Yes,hardly is there anyone unaware of this beast.No competitor,not Gimp,not nothing has been fabricated to combat this giant-and if you’re wondering if Linux-based mobile devices could compete with Photoshop-the answer is no,get off your Androids (or iOS/Windows phone for that matter).

An example from Wikipedia’s article on Vector Graphics

Learning Photoshop

Meh,don’t waste too much time over here.
I know,sounds counterproductive-but trust me,once they throw you in shallow waters,you’ll learn to swim,and then build courage to swim in deeper ends.Obviously,you need tutors for the first few months,but yes,if you’re not practicing,you’re losing.

Learning Image Processing

Basically,it doesn’t get better than this:

Learning Color Theory

“Having small touches of color makes it more colorful than having the whole thing in color”
Dieter Rams

Learning Design Theory

Ah,the key to differentiate good designers from designers.I shall continually update this section as I remember or come across more ideas.

Resources for design

It is safe to use Reddit,trust me.



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Abhinav Srivastava

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